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Engled Won New Creation Award

2021-06-05 10:38:18   Visit:6

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Engled Won New Creation Award in 2015 LED Trendy Forum

On October 19, 2015, "2015 China led situation conference and the fourth session of the China LED industry Billboard Awards ceremony at the Kempinski Hotel Huizhou City held a grand. Attend the meeting have Samsung, CREE, an industry tycoon. With leading technology of LED light engine technology and product, multiple links in the expert evaluation, online review, Ingeo through the layers of screening, won the "2015 China led product cutting-edge Award".

Company has been adhering to the "dedication, integrity, teamwork, innovation," the enterprise spirit, committed to the development of new technology LED. Following the first launch of the industry in 2009 90 (color rendering index greater than 90, greater than 90lm/w) of high power products, in 2013 the development of LED filament and filament light bulb, in 2014 also launched a grand COB optical engine. Ingeo light engine and Seoul semiconductor companies around the light source plate paste is the driving power supply device is not the same, the full wafer level packaging. Drive power components and LED components are used in the way of die-bonding direct bonding with the substrate, smaller size, better heat conduction, light effect is greater than 80~120lm/w. For outdoor applications, the development of supporting the surge protector, residual pressure less than 600V, the pressure rating is greater than 4KV, 6KV, 10KV several levels, meet the application needs of different occasions.

This competition, the company formally by means of advanced technology and products, "China LED new award". Honor represents the past, the future we will continue to focus on technological innovation, product innovation, model innovation, so that the product performance is more superior, quality is more reliable, more intimate service. On the way, we will never stop!